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How we created a high end shopping experience for a high end brand.

Classy products deserve a classy buying experience.

Steve Parrish, a new high end fashion brand, was looking to create a website that made filling your wardrobe easy and fun. They were looking for a website that embodied class, and a look and feel that was personal and showed their uniqueness.

We set out to create a world-class shopping experience that made finding their high end products easy and painless.

Steve Parrish set out to create a website that felt
as luxurious as their products.

Steve Parrish was going up against some stiff competition in the fashion world. They knew they needed to do something different, and set the bar high.

We set out to create a shopping experience that put their products front and center. A shopping experience that felt relatable, and gave their customers an instant human-feel with breathtaking lifestyle photography.

We created the design to be clean, easy to navigate, and easy to find the perfect wardrobe and checkout painlessly. We built the new website using WooCommerce and WordPress for its flexibility and future scalability. With a little custom PHP work on the admin for easier staff management, the solution was complete.

See it in action below.

Some final thoughts
& big wins.

The new site embodies exactly what Steve Parrish set out to achieve. A classy, easy to use, high end buying experience.

We loved partnering with this new high end brand, and we’re excited to see how it grows in the future.

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