Bluetooth Home Automation Mobile App

How we created a simple app to automate everyday life.

Introducing a simpler time.

Smarthome, a cutting-edge technology brand, was already taking the home automation world by storm. Their products were powerful while still giving their customers an intuitive, easy to use interface. Complex home automation systems were now simple and affordable enough for the general public to use.

Smarthome partnered with Klean to bring their customers a mobile experience that worked seamless with their high end home automation products. They wanted to create an app that could manage all the important functions in a simple, intuitive way.

Smarthome set out to create an experience that made
easy tasks even easier.

We set out to create a mobile app that could manage all of the important functions in a simple way. Things like controlling lights, deadbolts, and music throughout your home could now be done using your iPhone. Whether you were in your living room, or driving in your car.

We created a intuitive, easy to navigate interface that made managing complex functions simple. We built the mobile app on the iOS platform, using best iOS development practices for ultra stability and with future scalability in mind.

See it in action below.

Some final thoughts
& big wins.

The Smarthome mobile app experience put customers in total control of their home automation system. Gone are the days of complex systems with steep learning curves. Now, every aspect of your Smarthome-enabled home could be controlled via your iPhone. No learning curve. No time spent on tedious tasks.
"I hired Klean to do a bluetooth mobile app. I am very happy with the outcome. The results are exactly what I envisioned. Austin and his team did a great job with understanding what I wanted, and were very quick to make any changes that I saw. I will use them again in the future."

- Sam Botta, CTO of SmartHome

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