High-Ticket Consulting Lead Generation

How we increased qualified leads by over 1,800% in 30 days.

Transitioning from traditional growth mindsets.

Shields Meneley is a consulting firm primarily helping Fortune 500 companies with things like company culture, board member transitions, overall strategy, etc. They also worked one-on-one with C-suite executives that were looking to transition their careers.

They’d built their business on the back of referrals and a solid reputation. They knew full well that their approach to growth had been very traditional, and they turned to Klean for help in embracing digital marketing. They were skeptical that their audience would respond positively to online advertising, but were willing to give it a fair shot.

Laying the groundwork for an
online lead generation strategy.

Our first discovery call was all about setting benchmarks and expectations. Shields Meneley was new to digital marketing. Their current cost per lead or path the lead came from wasn’t clear, unless it was through referral. They did get referrals often, but they were still not a predictable source of new business.

Their consulting packages solve very complex problems, and in-turn, are high-ticket. This meant as long as the leads were of high quality, they could afford to spend to bring them in.

We created ads and a lead generation funnel
that spoke to the C-suite.

Before we could go about setting up lead generation funnels or creating ads, we needed to define their audience. Really understand who we’re targeting (C-suite executives), and more importantly, who we’re not targeting.

We went deep with our research uncovering their interests, likes, wants, needs, pains, etc. We researched pages they may like on Facebook, heroes and influencers they may follow, magazines and business publications they may subscribe to, movies and tv shows they may watch, books they might read, etc.

We went deep to understand them as people and human beings.

Armed with this research, we started working on our audience targeting. We decided to use the Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms to bring in new, highly targeted traffic. Those platforms aligned well with our audience demographics, and we also knew it’d be more cost effective to go that route vs. Google AdWords, etc.

We created ad copy that pulled emotionally, clearly highlighted the pain points, and framed Shields Meneley as the perfect solution. We used a large amount of social proof upfront on the ad to gain instant credibility and draw their audience in.

It was time to assemble the main funnel. We swear by simple funnels whenever possible, as they typically have the least amount of friction when opting-in.

We created a very simple landing page that easily captured their name, email, phone number, and allowed them to provide a little background information.

Some final thoughts
& big wins.
Over 1,800%
Increase In Qualified Leads In The First 30 Days
"Our target demographic has been routinely difficult for us to advertise to in the past. I was surprised a bit to see Klean was able to provide any sort of results. I had them make a few tweaks early on to increase the lead quality. They made the adjustments quickly, and the leads have been actually quite good."

- Hugh Shields, Partner of Shields Meneley

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