SAAS Lead Generation

How we increased qualified leads by 1,420% in 30 days, and lowered cost per lead by 82%.

Seeking greater control over growth.

Roosterly is a social media SAAS company serving professionals and small businesses. Their software curates content based on the professional’s preferences, and publishes content on a set schedule.

They’d had some early success acquiring users through a few referral partnerships, but their growth had plateaued. Their board and investors were looking for new ways to grow that wouldn’t be dependent on partnerships.

They had tried some organic methods like search engine optimization and guest blogging on sites like Forbes and Business Insider, but found the growth to be small and slow. Organic methods weren’t giving them the control they were looking for, and they turned to Klean for a solution that would put them more in the “driver’s seat”.

We set out to not only generate quality leads,
but also provide clarity around their buyer personas.

During our first discovery call, we learned that through all referral partnerships and organic methods combined, they were averaging $48 per new lead. This wasn’t a bad number, but we knew with full confidence we could beat it, and give Roosterly control they hadn’t yet experienced in their business.

They had several buyer personas, and were lacking clarity on exactly who these people were. Their marketing was a bit unfocused and lacked a strong emotional pull.

We set out to not only generate quality leads, but also provide clarity around their buyer personas.

We created ads and a lead generation funnel
custom to each buyer persona.

Before we could go about setting up lead generation funnels or creating ads, we needed to define their audiences. Really understand who we’re targeting, and who we’re not targeting.

We went deep with our research uncovering their interests, likes, wants, needs, pains, etc. We researched pages they may like on Facebook, heroes and influencers they may follow, magazines and business publications they may subscribe to, movies and tv shows they may watch, books they might read, etc.

We went deep to understand them as people and human beings.

Armed with this research, we started working on our audience targeting. We decided to use the Facebook and Instagram platforms to bring in new, highly targeted traffic. Those platforms aligned well with our audience demographics, and we also knew it’d be more cost effective to go that route vs. Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, etc.

We set up audience targeting specific to each buyer persona. This allowed us to show unique ads and landing pages that really catered to each segment’s wants, needs, and the language they spoke in.

We created ad copy that pulled emotionally, clearly highlighted the pain points, and framed Roosterly as a perfect solution. We then used animated Gifs (instead of images) to really grab attention. We tested images as well, but the Gifs outperformed the images in a landslide. We added in a bit of humor in the Gifs to catch attention, and also lighten the mood. This helped them stand out amongst their stiff and boring peers.

It was time to assemble the main funnel. We’re a big fan of simple funnels, as they typically have the least amount of friction when opting-in. We decided to do something a bit different with this funnel though.

Rather than a simple email and name opt-in, we decided to create a fun, interactive quiz. The reason was simple. Roosterly had an intake form they used when on-boarding new users to gather the person’s content preferences. We decided to try a quiz to gather that information without the person even fully realizing, so that Roosterly would have very little (if any) work to do when it came time to onboard that person.

The quiz was 12 questions, and we knew there would be a percentage of people that wouldn’t finish the quiz. To combat this, we set the quiz up in steps, the first step being the person’s email address. That way if they didn’t complete the form, we knew they still had some interest, and a salesperson at Roosterly could follow up.

Once the user completed the quiz, they’d be directed to a page where they could schedule a call with a social media expert and go over the results of the quiz together. The social media expert would then help them select the proper package and onboard onto the software.

Some final thoughts
& big wins.
Increase In Qualified Leads In The First 30 Days
Lower Cost Per Lead In The First 60 Days
In only a few weeks we’d dropped the cost per lead from $48 to under $23, and after 2 months of optimizing we had the cost per lead down to $8-9.

The landing page conversion rate was holding steady at 31%, and 63% of people were finishing the quiz.

We were able to dramatically increase the amount of inbound leads, and provide control that wasn’t there in the past.
"We’re booking appointments here at Roosterly left and right. May have to get that escalade here soon.”

- Irfan Jafrey, CEO of Roosterly

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