Clinical Research Study Patient Generation

How we generated 726 qualified leads in 30 days, and lowered cost per lead by 56%.

Being in the right place, at the right time.

Pfizer is a dream client for most agencies, and frankly one that we never imagined working with in our wildest of fantasies. We’re a small agency, and Fortune 500 brands don’t give the “small guys” the time of day usually.

So, how did we get involved in a project with one of the biggest brands in the world?

It came down to cultivating strategic partnerships, and a fair amount of being in the right place at the right time.

We’d proven our value and our ability to deliver.
That’s when we got the call.

We love helping bigger agencies from larger cities. We’ve done this for years, and it’s allowed us to collaborate and bring our skills to some really exciting, big projects. Projects we’d never get to bid on otherwise.

AdRevenu, a Chicago-based agency, was a strategic partner of ours. We’d worked together for a few months on over 20 advertising campaigns and website projects for their clients. We’d proven our value and our ability to deliver. That’s when we got the call.

They were currently working with Affinity Clinical Research Institute, and were having trouble delivering quality leads to fill their studies. Affinity had just been backed by Pfizer to administer a study on a groundbreaking new drug specific to women’s health, and had launched a campaign titled Women’s Health IQ. AdRevenu knew lead generation was an area we shined, and asked if we could help them out.

Upon our first discovery call, we went over the funnel they were using to capture leads, and their main traffic source - Facebook Ads. Their funnel was converting cold traffic at about 11%, and their cost per lead from Facebook Ads was sitting at over $16 per lead.

The problem was simple:

They were spending too much per lead, and because of that, they couldn’t scale up the volume. Affinity was looking for 20 quality leads per day, and were getting about half of that.

Luckily, we saw several areas right away that could be improved in both the funnel, and the ads themselves.

Based on our assessment, AdRevenu determined it was best to have Klean step in, and take the campaign over completely, while AdRevenu would move into an account manager role.

High performing lead generation funnels and ads start with
a deep understanding of the audience.

After further examination, there were several things that were not setup properly at the Facebook Ads Manager level, and the funnel wasn’t converting up to our standards. In taking over, we deemed the fastest approach that would produce the best results would be to start fresh on everything.

Before we could create new ads and a funnel and have any sort of confidence that ours would perform better, we needed to deeply understand Affinity’s audience.

Who were prime candidates for their studies?

We wanted to thoroughly understand who they were as people, their pains and struggles, and what would evoke them to take action.

We went deep with our research uncovering their interests, likes, wants, needs, pains, etc. We researched pages they may like on Facebook, heroes and influencers they may follow, magazines they may subscribe to, movies and tv shows they may watch, books they might read, etc.

We really went deep to understand them as people and human beings, as best we could.

Armed with this research, we started working on our audience targeting, as well as, the Facebook Ad creative. One decision we made right away, given our age and gender demographics, was to open it up to Facebook and Instagram Advertising. We knew we were missing a good chunk of our audience, by not meeting them on both platforms.

With newly refined targeting in place for both platforms, it was time to tweak our ad creative. One of the drawbacks of working with big brands is the approval process and wait time. We didn’t want to wait for approved ad copy from Pfizer, but we knew the ads needed some love. Rather than wait for ad copy to be approved (which took 2-3 weeks), we opted to improve the images themselves (approving new images only took 2-3 days). Images are a huge factor (if not the biggest) in terms of your ad’s click through rate. We found images of relatable women given our age and interest demographics, and went for a more empowered, confident look.

AdRevenu also had received other headlines they could use, but were only using one headline. They hadn’t tested the others. Headlines are also a major factor in your ad’s success. We decided to use our newly approved images, test new header combinations, and use the existing approved ad copy for our new Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Then, it was on to the main funnel.

The existing funnel was simple, and we love simple funnels. The problem was it wasn’t effective. Converting at only 11%, we knew we could do a lot to improve, while still keeping things simple.

Unfortunately, the lead gen form was long (9 fields). That’s far longer than we ever recommend, but it was imperative that Affinity capture the information they needed in order to qualify the leads. We figured this was the biggest contributing factor to the low conversion rate, but we still knew things could be improved.

We set out to create a simple landing page their audience would feel embodied trust, and they would have little hesitation to enter their information. The page was clean, delivered the information clearly and swiftly, and made opting-in quick and painless.

The last thing we did was integrated the landing page into Insightly, their CRM of choice. We did this using a simple Zapier integration. This allowed them to receive an email notification, as well as, a CRM notification instantly, which meant leads were followed up with quickly and efficiently.

A lot of work was jam packed into just a few days. With Pfizer’s approval on the new ads and landing page, it was time to turn everything on.

Some final thoughts
& big wins.
Qualified Leads In The First 30 Days
Lower Cost Per Lead In The First 45 Days
Close Rate Increase
Within a few weeks the results were pretty clear. This strategic partnership was working out really well for everyone.

In only a few weeks we’d dropped the cost per lead to under $8, and the landing page conversion rate was holding steady at 28% (yes, even with 9 fields on the opt-in).

We were quickly able to scale up well past the client’s lead volume goal, and average around 30 quality leads per day.
"Within 2-3 weeks we were at our goal of 20 good leads per day. Over our goal in fact.

- Ali Ahmed, Vice President Operations & Business Development of Affinity Clinical Research Institute

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