Goal Tracking Web Application

How we created a robust web app that incentivized reaching goals.

How could we help people reach their goals?

That was the question that kicked off our first meeting with the GoalReach team. Through researching why people give up on their goals, they believed they had a solution.

The number one reason they found people give up on goals is because they’re too close to them. They don’t see the progress they’re making. With no clear progress and no clear end date, they give up. They believed they could help.

GoalReach set out to create a web app that made
reaching goals addicting.

With a clear understanding of what stopped so many from reaching their goals, they asked for our help in solving each of their major pain points.

We set out to create an interactive goal tracking experience. Through a web app, people would be able to write their goals down clearly. They’d be able to set an end date. They could clearly track and see their progress. And, to make things even better… they’d be rewarded along the way. It was the perfect solution to so many common deterrents.

We wanted the interface to be clean and easy to use with little to no learning curve for GoalReach’s users. We built GoalReach from the ground up using Laravel and the LAMP stack for its robust features, scalability, and sheer power.

See it in action below.

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Some final thoughts
& big wins.
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GoalReach is changing lives, and we’re honored to be apart of it. A couple of our employees have used the app for personal goals, and not only accomplished their goal, but did it on time.

GoalReach’s users not only have fallen in love with the web app, but they’re crushing their goals. Everything from 60 pound weight loss, getting out of $15,000 of debt, to saving $5,000 in 3 months have been accomplished using the app.
"EXCELLENT to work with! Very talented, prompt replies, great work ethic! We will definitely hire Klean again - they were a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them."

- Matt Larson, CTO of GoalReach

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