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How we created a new brand from scratch.

Making oral care simpler than ever.

Gleam came to us with a simple concept. A concept the current market wasn’t doing a good job of meeting.

Gleam was founded by Dr. Anthony Nguyen, a California Dentist in an effort to keep his customers oral health on track, and spending less time in the dentist chair. After seeing his own patients struggle with their oral health, he knew the challenges they were facing very well. He knew one of the biggest obstacles was their lack of proper oral healthcare knowledge.

Gleam set out to create a brand with two main focuses. One, they wanted to get the right oral health products in their customers hands as painless as possible. Two, they wanted to properly educate their customers on the right way to care for their smile, so they could experience long lasting results.

Gleam was looking to create a brand that instilled
trust, expertise & a family vibe.

Although just starting out, Gleam had a clear picture of who their customers would be. For most dentists, about 70-80% of their patients are women and mothers bringing their children. Gleam knew it was important not to alienate men, but to hone in on the women and families demographic.

We set out to create a brand that would establish trust, expertise, and a fun, family-friendly vibe. Being in the medical field, we knew the brand couldn’t be “too fun” feeling. We also knew the brand couldn’t feel too stiff and corporate. That was a fine line we had to toe throughout the project.

Logo Concept 1
Logo Concept 2
Logo Concept 3

As you can see, the final logo concept really embodies all the key things Gleam was looking for. The branding feels trustworthy and professional, while also being family-friendly. It’s not too stiff or corporate. You’ll notice the round font, shooting star icon, and the color scheme really add to the family-friendly vibe.

It’s a logo that feels memorable, instantly recognizable, and important. Like a brand you already know and trust.

Every great product deserves great packaging.

Gleam wanted to bring a wide variety of products to their customers. They carefully, hand-picked only the top toothpaste products on the market. Along with toothpaste, they wanted to offer toothbrushes, floss, whitening, all-natural products, and a few extras.

They set out to create their own line of high-quality oral care products. To do their new product line justice, they knew they would need clear, eye-catching packaging to accompany. We set out to create product labels and packaging that carried the same brand principles. Trust, expertise, and family-friendly.

Gleam set out to create a website that put
customers in control.

Gleam wanted to get their high-quality oral care products and oral health education to their customers as painless as possible. They believed that if oral care was simpler, more people would be prone to better oral care practices.

We set out to create a subscription box website in the likes of Dollar Shave Club. We wanted customers to be able to customize their box, add any and everything they needed, and put their oral health on autopilot. Every month or every three months, they’d receive their box with all their products. They wouldn’t have to think about it. No longer were they running to the store late at night for toothpaste. No longer were they waiting too long to change their toothbrush.

By signing up for Gleam, they’d now have peace of mind knowing that part of their health was taken care of. They were also saving time and money.

Win. Win. Win.

We wanted the website interface to be clean, easy to navigate, and make learning about Gleam and signing up a breeze. We created Gleam’s site using WooCommerce and WordPress. 100% custom theme, subscription process, checkout process, and a lot of custom PHP programming went into the front-end and store admin.

See it in action below.

Step 1 of Sign Up Process
Step 4 of Sign Up Process
Step 2 of Sign Up Process
Step 5 of Sign Up Process
Step 3 of Sign Up Process
Final One Page Checkout
Some final thoughts
& big wins.
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Creating a new brand from scratch in a market filled with billion dollar companies and multi-million dollar marketing budgets is no easy task. The key is being different, and being 100% focused on the customer. Making your brand beyond valuable to them.

We positioned Gleam as a trusted leader in a crowded market, by presenting a new idea. An idea that was still familiar, but that solved many pain points.

We learned more about oral care along the way than we ever would’ve imagined, but we wouldn’t trade the journey for anything.
"Wow!! Can’t tell you guys enough how pleased I am with how everything is coming together and the work Klean is doing for us! You're blowing our KPIs out of the water... Keep it up.

- Dr. Anthony Nguyen, CEO of Gleam

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