Meal Plan & Fitness Tracking Mobile App

How we made tedious tasks simple and fun.

Making being healthy fun again.

Dietica had a clear view of their customers, and knew exactly what their pain points were. Many of them wished to be in better health, but were getting bogged down with the logistics of meal planning, fitness, and keeping track of their goals.

We set out to create an experience that made tracking progress fun, rewarding, and easier than ever. We wanted to give their customers a clear picture of their weight loss progress, to keep them motivated. We knew the more motivated they are, the more likely they would be to continue on the path.

Dietica believed if being healthy was easy
everyone would want to do it.

Meal planning can get complicated quickly. Between meal prep, keeping track of calories, and keeping your diet balanced, it can be a very time consuming process. A reason why many people eventually grow tired of it and fall off the path. We knew if we could simplify this process, and keep people motivated by easily tracking progress, they’d be much more likely to continue.

We created a mobile experience that simplified meal and fitness planning for good. Simply, enter your current weight and your goal weight and the app tells you step by step what to do next. It helps people plan their daily meals, plan their exercise, keep track of meals and fitness, gives diet and fitness tips custom-tailored to them, count calories, show calories burned, and keep track of their total weight loss. Now, all of these tedious tasks are done for them. They’re only focus is on eating well and exercising. The app also shows clear progress toward their weight loss goal keeping users focused on the end prize.

We created the mobile app for iOS using iOS development best practices with heavy traffic and future scalability in mind.

See it in action below.

Dashboard Screen
Food Log Screen
Set Goal Weight Screen
Some final thoughts
& big wins.

The new Dietica mobile experience is changing lives, and we’re proud to be apart of that. From losing weight, to living more balanced, Dietica has made tasks that were once cumbersome fun, engaging, and rewarding.

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