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How we brought unity to a brand with three subsidiary brands.

Solving a common issue caused by growth.

As brands grow, things can get messy. Clarity can be lost, and value propositions get diluted. Luckily, Concinnity Health was realizing this was happening far before it was too late. They had quickly grown their senior living community and expanded into three new subsidiary communities. The growth was wonderful, but their prospects were starting to get a bit confused.

We set out to help Concinnity Health bring back clarity to their brand aesthetic, value proposition, and brand structure.

Concinnity Health was seeking brand unity while conveying
each community’s personality.

Concinnity Health had quickly grown from one senior living community to three. Each community having different feels, amenities, and benefits to its residents.

Over time it was beginning to be more and more unclear how each community was affiliated, who the main brand was, and how they could solve each resident’s unique pain points and challenges.

Concinnity Health set out to create websites for each brand that
effectively captured quality leads.

Lead generation and the ability to quickly fill new vacancies is key to any successful senior living community. Concinnity Health was looking to create new web experiences for each subsidiary brand that effectively told each brand’s unique story, showed each brand’s personality, and generated warm leads from interested new residents.

We set out to create web experiences that captured the warm, welcoming feel of each community. Web experiences that were easy for an older, less tech savvy generation to use, interact with, and get more information. We created each brand’s new website using WordPress for it’s flexibility and future scalability. With a little custom PHP we were able to make managing and updating the sites for Concinnity Health’s staff a breeze.

See it in action below.

Concinnity Health Home Page
Vista Terrace Landing Page
Home Health Care Home Page
Concinnity Health Landing Page
Pines Edge Home Page
Home Health Care Landing Page
Vista Terrace Home Page
Pines Edge Landing Page
Some final thoughts
& big wins.

Immediately after launching the new websites, the leads began pouring in at a much higher conversion rate. Once again, Concinnity Health had restored clarity of its brand’s benefits and amenities, and interested residents were paying much closer attention.
“Klean is an AMAZING marketing team with great communication, organizational skills, and adherence to timelines. They consistently went above and beyond to over-deliver and bring results. I would absolutely hire again!"

- Danielle Dangoia, CMO of Concinnity Health

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